Distribution methods

Solus Distribution, Shared Distribution and News Share

Solus Leaflet Distribution

This method is where your leaflet is delivered completely independently from any other leaflet to homes across our distribution rounds.

Shared Distribution

As above , your leaflet is delivered alongside non competing leaflets.

News Share

This is the most cost effective method where your leaflet is delivered alongside our free newspapers into your chosen areas.

Other Services

Mailsort A Sorted service offering lower prices for UK mailings of at least 4000 letters or 1000 large letters, A3 packets and packets (or 2,000 letters if all the letters are for delivery within the same Postcode area in which they were posted), pre-sorted by the customer.
Walksort If you send large volumes of mail throughout the UK, or if you send bulk mail to specific areas or locations, then Walksort® can save you money. If all your addresses have accurate postcodes.
Poly bagging Using our Sitma P9 insert and polybagging line , We can insert upto 5 items and polybag your advertising material.